On-site massage is becoming increasingly popular in the corporate world and wellness in the workplace is becoming more clearly understood and appreciated.


Awareness of the close relationship between well-being and work productivity keeps increasing in the business world and for this reason health and beauty perks for employees are becoming more commonplace.


The massage we offer is a swedish massage and concentrates on the areas most affected by office work, including the head, neck, back and shoulders.


After clients have had a massage, they report feeling more energetic, motivated and creative.


We also offer manicures and pedicures in an office setting, perfect as an incentive or employee perk to show their company cares.


Marlow Beauty can be booked for a one-off visit or a package of regular sessions at a reduced rate.





Back, neck and shouder massage is 20 minutes long at a cost of £20. Manicures and pedicures are 30 minutes long and cost £25. There is minimum of 2 hours per visit.


Treatments may be paid for by the company, by the employee or the cost may be shared. We can invoice the company (some provide our therapy as a perk to employees while others pass some or all of the cost on to employees) or we can take payment from employees on the day by cash or cheque.




We ask that a company employee prepares a schedule of appointments in advance of our visit so that disruption to the working day is kept to a minimum. Please also allocate space for our therapist and massage bed — either in an open plan office or in a meeting room if privacy is preferred. Pre massage, we do ask every new recipient to complete a short, confidential medical questionnaire before their first treatment to ensure that there are no contra-indications.